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Forgiveness Follow Up-2 years later

It has been almost 18 months since my last entry, and almost two years since my post about forgiveness. Much has changed in this time, especially with regard to my views on forgiveness.

As I moved through my therapy, which was immensely helpful, I found I needed more; something deeper and more spiritual. I was introduced to an energy healer, and started my journey into complete transformation and spiritual awakening. Many, many negative emotions needed to be released-some inherited from my ancestors, and others that had trapped in my lifetime. But what was most revealing to me, was the shift in how I perceived the concept of forgiveness, and that I was not forgiving my mother for her to feel better, it was for me to feel better. I did not have to have a conversation with her at all. I only needed to have a conversation with myself; with my heart.

And, so, I embarked on this last chapter of my healing journey, and found my own life's purpose as a healer at the same time. I was able to forgive my mother in my heart for the abuse I suffered, as I understood completely that she could not do any better as a mother. She was incapable of love, compassion, empathy, and she was devoid of emotion. She thrived on control, envy, lies, manipulation and anger. Her inflated perception of herself, who she was, and what she was entitled to was the ranting of an imbalanced individual who could not change. And that was the bottom line. SHE COULD NOT CHANGE. It is literally impossible for a narcissist to change. And therefore, I had to change. I needed to move forward with my life, and heal my own heart. I forgave her, and everyone else in my life who did not support me; who questioned my authenticity; who doubted my words; who I gave up my power to.

Today, I am free of my mother and I have shed everyone and everything that no longer served my highest good. It is in my divine right to live my life with the high vibrations of love, trust, honesty, integrity, abundance, self-respect and value. I want this for you, too, so please reach out to have a complimentary 30-minute discovery call with me to see how energy healing can help you, too. Give yourself the gift of peace in your heart. You are so entitled to it.

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